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Used to live around the corner on Grove rd 43years ago. Glad this grand old Pub is still going I was a regular May get back there someday.


28th Oct 2015

We recently enjoyed a delightful “Pies” night at the Vic. While I was a bit disappointed in not seeing a ‘familiar face’ (We have been gone a long while), the good food & drink that we shared with family & friends offset the disappointment. It is obvious that the Vic has become “the place to go” in Hitchin.

Dick & Ann Grund

6th Dec 2013

The Barn is a great venue for displays of art, design, photography and craft work; intimate and unpretentious.

Brian Barton

20th Aug 2015

My favourite pub in Hitchin… loving the Hendricks Gin with crushed lime!


10th Jul 2015

Amazing late Sunday lunch with friends. We are SO lucky to have such a great pub as our local. Brilliant food, laid back atmosphere, and so well looked after by the lovely staff.

Love the people, drink and food. My whole family use this pub as a local. Simply the best!


5th Apr 2016