10th Anniversary: The SoundARC Sunday Sessions (on a Saturday)

Saturday, 25th January 2020 - 3:45 am

10th Anniversary - 10 Acts - Feed Up Warm Up Fundraiser

Well, what can I say? It seems after being given the chance to put on our first gig at the Vic, on a wintery Sunday evening in Jan 2010…We’re still doing it ten years on! We’ve gone from booking three acoustic acts at one gig a month, to putting on three acts at two gigs a month for the last few years. Hundreds of originals and covers acoustic acts, and nine VicFest’s later, we’re pleased to say that The SoundARC Sunday Sessions are still going strong!

So we thought we’d mark the occasion by having a bit of a shin-dig, with ten acts playing throughout the day. Due to the rugby being on the TV, the pub serving their amazing Sunday dinners (both are very popular in the Vic), and logistics of the pub - moving tables and chairs here, there and everywhere, we’ve decided to have it on a Saturday instead of the usual Sunday.

And we also thought we’d help raise some money (and awareness) for the amazing local charity, Feed Up Warm Up - https://www.facebook.com/feedupwarmup/

Please cast an eye over this absolute smorgasbord of live music.

10:45pm - 11:45pm Steph Scott Music
9:45pm - 10:30pm  Max Ryan Music
9:00pm - 9:30pm    Nick Moyster Acoustic
8:15pm - 8:45pm    Marcus Watson
7:30pm - 8:00pm   Chris Law Music
6:45pm - 7:15pm   Smige
6:00pm - 6:30pm   The Mighty Collider
5:15pm - 5:45pm   Luke James Williams
4:30pm - 5:00pm   Papaphone
3:45pm - 4:15pm   Mel Quinn

Free entry, all ages welcome up to 8pm - NO UNDER 18’s AFTER 8PM

10th Anniversary: The SoundARC Sunday Sessions (on a Saturday)